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Vaalleeta, filter coffee 500 g x 16 pcs

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Our light roasted coffee blend is solely made out of top quality arabica coffee beans. We have selected a mixture of ethically produced coffee varieties that compliment each other, from the regions of Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala.

Brazil and Colombia bring a delicate acidity and balance to a rich bodied coffee where you can find a sweet chocolaty flavour and a tint of nutty aroma and peach, which gives the coffee a slightly sweet aftertaste. Guatemala also brings a delightful acidity and balance to the coffee and you can taste sweet chocolate and a slightly nutty aroma.

Together these form a coffee that, with the right roasting level and mixing-ratio, brings out the citric acidic and a medium body. The aroma has a little nutty, chocolaty and sweetly fruity aftertaste

  • 100% Arabica
  • Country of origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru
  • Process: washed
  • SCA: 86
  • Flavour: Coffee with citric acid and a nutty and chocolaty flavour
  • Body: light

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