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Nio FM

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Nio FM is a table model coffee machine that makes all milk-based beverages from fresh milk or powdered milk. Its flashy look is guaranteed by LED illuminated raw-material containers and a gorgeous front wall made out of gorilla glass. 

A latte ordered from this coffee machine is always a true latte thanks to the machine's pressure filtering technique; one can always enjoy a true latte as it is made into fresh milk. The machine has two bean containers for the lovers of light roasted and dark roasted coffee and also a refrigerating cabinet (4 l) and a cup warmer. The daily capacity is 150 cups and there are as much as 10 different beverage choices to choose from; from special coffees to hot chocolate and hot water.

10,4" glass-surfaced touch-screen and ConnectMe -technique guarantee comfort and service reliability. It's possible to have your own slideshow or an HD-video as a screensaver and to be played during the coffee making process - a great way to inform and advertise. The ConnectMe -technique makes it possible to control the machine distantly, for example control the coffee recipes and media content. Possible fault reports can also be gotten straight from the machine, so they can be quickly reacted to. 

Nio FM is a premium coffee machine that is meant for cafes and restaurants. The machine makes a consistent beverage regardless of who is on shift. The coffee machine has an energy saving mode which makes the energy consumption significantly smaller. The language options for the machine are Finnish, Swedish and English.


  • Makes all the coffee selections by grinding fresh, whole coffee beans
  • Possibility to use two different bean coffees
  • Makes the coffee by using Co-Ex pressure filtration technique (without filtering paper)
  • The selection to choose from contains as much as 9 different beverage options
  • User-friendly 10,4" glass-surfaced touch-screen
  • Language options: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Includes a beverage counter, available also separately for every beverage
  • Production time 9 - 35 seconds, depending on the beverage
  • Position of the portioning spout is steplessly adjustable (90-130 mm)
  • Daily capacity 150 cups
  • Automatic washing programme
  • Possibility to program an optional slideshow as a screensaver
  • Online support


  • Bean coffee 1 (possibility to order coffee with fresh milk)
  • Bean coffee 2 (possibility to order coffee with fresh milk)
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino (made with fresh milk)
  • Café au lait (made with fresh milk)
  • Wiener Cafe (made with fresh milk)
  • Choco Cafe
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate with milk (made with fresh milk)
  • Hot water



  • Height: 599 mm
  • Width: 740 mm
  • Depth: 540 mm

Electricity: 240V / 16A

Water: ½" filter pressure reducer (surface assembled washer faucet)

Possibility for drainage if needed.

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