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Crem Tower

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A user-friendly coffee maker that has a faucet for tea water. Thanks to its large capacity and being user friendly, it's perfect for serving in big events.

This product makes the coffee straight into five litre coffee dispensers (thermos containers), which have a unique thermal insulation ability. The temperature only decreases by one celcius per hour. The coffee dispensers have practical faucets, liquid level indicators and integrated handles that make it easy to handle the product.

You can lift the coffee dispenser out of the coffee maker and position the coffee to the best possible place considering the serving. Easy and quick. Because the coffee is not heated by using an external heating source - the coffee keeps its good taste and scent.

Every model has an automatic water input, a digital screen, the possibility to make a full or a half-full container of coffee, and the indicator that says when the coffee is ready. With the double-models you can make coffee with both sides simultaneously. The capacity of the coffee maker's tea water faucet is practically unlimited.

The Single Tower model has one coffee dispenser and the Tower model has two coffee dispensers.



Height: 950mm

Width: 930mm

Depth: 500mm


2 x 5 litres in 7 minutes = circa 350 cups per hour

Power supply 400v 3N / 9000W

Water connector: Cold water faucet 1/2" R

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