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Crem Mega Gold A Thermo Kinetic

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Mega Gold makes the coffee straight into the 2,5 litre thermo container. You can start making a new batch of coffee immediately after the thermo container is ready to be served for coffee drinkers. Thermo containers don't need electrical heating and therefore they preserve the coffee's good taste and aroma for a long time. 

You can move the thermo container to wherever you want the coffee to be served. It has grips for moving and it is easy to handle. You can finish the looks of the thermo container with a user-friendly lid - which you can use to communicate your message for the consumers. Mega Gold is always delivered with one thermo container. 

Mega Gold coffee makers are available with both manual waterfilling (M) as well as with a water connector (A). Thanks to the timer, the machines that have a water connector take automatically the amount of water that's needed. The machine also lets you know when the coffee is ready. You can easily make 4 to 17 cups of coffee at one time. You can easily adjust the number of cups by using the panel at the front side of the machine. The delivery package includes the water pipe for the water connector. 



Height: 655m

Width: 205mm

Depth: 445mm

Weight: 10,2 kg






Water input: Manual / Automatic

Water connector: cold water faucet 1/2" R

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