Sari Kämäräinen - Social media manager, raw material deliveries, machine care, packaging, online store

Sari Kämäräinen - Raaka-ainetoimitukset, laitehoito, pakkaus, verkkokaupan pyörittäminen

+358 10 349 4154

Sari is the glue that holds Unison Coffee together, she takes care that the business is running and keeps the roastery's boys in shape. Sharp and precise Sari sits on the holy throne of Unison Coffee's Social media manager and always provides you the newest, coffee-infused Instagram pictures.

This multitalent of coffee business has over ten years' of experience and therefore in addition to handling social media, she also takes care of raw material deliveries, machine care and packaging and the smooth managing of Unison Coffee's online store. And when this workload is not enough for Sari, she sows, and by using our jute bean bags she creates a product that is undeniably summer's hottest trending product: a stylish, handmade Unison Coffee beach-bag!

To counterbalance her full-steam-ahead work in coffee business, Sari likes to travel, relax on the summer cottage's beach, sweat on jogging trails and enjoy nature. 

Favourite coffee: Dark roast, served black

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