Olli Riipinen - Regional Sales Manager Oulu, Northern Finland

Olli Riipinen - Aluemyyntipäällikkö Oulu, Pohjois-Suomi

+358 40 198 0980

+358 10 349 4158


Olli is Unison Coffee's secret weapon, a remarkable salesman, with whose favourable assistance a high quality coffee and a satisfied customer meet in every coffee room. The man has over ten years of steady experience from the field of sales, gained from working for i.a. the country's biggest teleoperators. In addition Olli has a seven years' comprehensive experience of successful sales training. This BBA's versatile core-competency has now been extracted to use in Unison Coffee and the man has indeed the demanding title of regional manager.

In his free time Olli is a sworn fisherman who can manage jig-, spinning rod- as well as fly fishing. Sports is also enjoyable with its many forms: his hobbies include "pipolätkä", mixed martial arts and jogging. The salesman also recognizes himself as a sworn friend of ice hockey and, quite naturally, the northsman's heart beats for Oulu's Kärpät. Along with good coffee, also epicurism and making delicious food are parts of this gentleman's diverse set of hobbies.

Favourite coffee: "Tuju" made with pressurised percolation, with a drip of whole milk.

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