Miska - Founder, Roast master, wholesales, invoicing

Miska - Founder, Paahtomestari, tukkumyynti, laskutus

+358 10 349 4151

+358 50 462 8000


Miska is Unison's reigning coffee master who takes daily care of our coffees' and other beverages' high quality. 13 years' worth of experience in coffee business and a deep love to this black gold guarantees that only the very best coffee ends up in our customers' cups. Miska also possesses a black belt in Hapkido which he acquired in the wilder years of his life - and the rumour is that the man is currently chasing another black belt, from roasting. Along with his work at the roastery, Miska also takes care of Unison's daily invoicing and ad hoc paperwork at the office.

As a counterbalance for the Roast master's aroma-filled life at the roastery, Miska's free time is spent travelling the world, sweating at the gym, relaxing at summer cottage and hunting various creatures in the woods and admiring nature's wonders. At the moment Miska is completing SCA's (Specialty Coffee Association) professional training to become a part of the carefully selected group of top professionals in coffee business. 

Favourite coffee: Americano

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