Storing of coffee is not rocket science but there are couple of things to take into consideration. An opened coffee stays fresh for weeks when it's stored right and the storage life of coffee beans can be even months. With these tips you can store your coffee right and sustain its fresh and aromatic taste. 

The coffee beans arrive rare and they are not roasted or packaged until we do it, so the coffee is always fresh. All of our coffees are packaged airtight in quality packaging materials, which helps to conserve the coffee's own aromas fresh and prevents the harmful effects of oxygen.

Coffee beans vs ground coffee

The difference between coffee beans and ground coffee is not significant, but it's still worth mentioning. Coffee beans preserve their aroma considerably longer and it's the organic way to store them. The larger surface area of the ground version gives oxygen and humidity a bigger possibility to influence on the coffee's flavour than in coffee beans, which means that when thinking further ahead a coffee grinder is a relatively small investment if the goal is to enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee. In addition, with coffee beans and a coffee grinder you are able to make just the amount of coffee you might need at the moment.

The biggest stumbling blocks in storing coffee

  • Oxygen

Oxygen is coffee's worst enemy and it starts to affect when the coffee's original package is opened. The fats in the coffee start to oxidize and that makes the taste rancid and the aromas dilute little by little. The most ideal storing of coffee is when it's in its original package that is re-sealable or when it's in its original package in an airtight container.

  • Changes in temperature

To guarantee the preservation of the coffee's full taste until you prepare it, you should pay attention to the storing temperature. Optimally, coffee is stored in a cool and dry place. You should keep the coffee away from ovens and radiators so that the changes in temperature don't ruin the original taste of the coffee aromas and the coffee won't spoil.

  • Humidity

Humidity affects the coffee easily and in the worst case scenario the coffee can be undrinkable and spoil immediately after being in touch with moisture. This is why the container to store the coffee should be tight so that the humidity or water won't be able to affect the coffee.

  • Light

Sunlight gives the coffee a stuffy and stale side taste. However, this is luckily easy to avoid by storing the coffee away from the sunlight by for example storing it in a cabinet.

Fridge and freezer

You may have heard about storing the coffee in a fridge or a freezer. If you are an endless coffee drinker and you consume several pots of coffee in a week, the fridge or freezer don't have a significant influence on the coffee's storing.

If the coffee consumption level is low and the opened coffee package is not consumed in a few weeks, you should consider storing it in a fridge or a freezer. Be aware though, the container has to be completely airtight so that the smells of other frozen goods don't affect the coffee's original taste. You should let the  coffee reach room temperature before using it.

Storing a prepared coffee

For how long does the coffee remain good after being prepared? It never makes the coffee better if it stands still in a pot and it tastes the best when it's just made. The longer the coffee stands still in the pot, the more aromas evaporates from it. 

At home you should only make as much coffee as you consume at a time and make a fresh pot when you have the desire for it again. At workplaces, it's good to consider the possibility to acquire a coffee machine. With a coffee machine you can make only the amount of coffee that is needed and no one has to settle for burnt coffee. A coffee machine is also an extremely cost-effective option and it satisfies many different tastes, a cup of coffee is ready in seconds and the selection of coffees is wide. 

Satisfaction with fresh coffee

Nothing beats the feeling of opening a package of coffee and an aromatic, full scent of fresh coffee meets your senses. With these instructions, you can enjoy that feeling longer and always enjoy a cup of fresh, steamingly hot black gold. 

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