What are business gifts?

With business gifts it's possible to clarify company's values and communicate the respect towards stakeholders such as employees, customers and potential customers. Whether the gift is a physical one, for example a customized package of coffee, immaterial, like a gift card or something delicious to eat or experience - the most important thing to factor in is the fact that the gift communicates just the things that the gift giver wants it to communicate. It's also important to think about the gift receiver when choosing a business gift.

The most important elements of a good business gift is reliability, quality and safety. It's good to be a product or a service that is truly useful and that brings joy to its receiver. A thorough research is usually done to find the best fitting business gifts for every company - so that a business gift, that pleases both sides, can be found. The courage to try different methods and different business gifts often leads to the best results.

Why are business gifts important?

It's a wonderful experience to receive a gift that creates mutual connection between the gift giver and its receiver. People want to do business with companies that they are familiar with and which they trust and like. One shouldn't belittle the influence of a business gift, for 89% remember the name of the company that gave the gift and 83% likes the gift they've been given.

The purpose of a business gift is to boost the receiver's positive mental picture of the company and the brand and that way build trust. When it comes to building better and more durable relationships with already existing customers and potential customers, companies and marketers have been believing in the power of business gifts for a long time.

The psychological influence of business gifts

The action of giving business gifts and the influence they have has a strong connection to psychology and to an individual's natural reactions about positive mindset and motivation. Unexpected and sincere surprises affect the gift receiver's behavior and even a small gift can have a significant impact. A logo is often attached to the business gifts, which the gift receiver notices and associates either consciously or subconsciously to the gift that he or she has gotten. For example in a business negotiation, a small personalized gift can play a significant role because a gift can help in breaking the ice and starting to build trust. A successful business gift can be in a determining position in negotiations, recruitments and making the employees more committed.

The customs and ethics of business gifts

Business gifts are an important part of marketing and they are often given as a birthday and parting gifts, in connection with company visits, as a thank you or seasonally like during Christmastime. Business gifts have a huge impact on the company's image and therefore it's important to pay extra attention to the choosing of the gift, so that the gift conveys the right message. 

One should be very careful when choosing a business gift and think long and hard about how well it fits. The business gift can't be just anything because there are different legislations that regulate business gifts. The laws regarding business gifts are quite similar in every country but one should still be extra careful if the business gift is meant to be sent abroad.

When considering a business gift, one should be aware of the relationship between the receiver and the giver; the gift can't be too expensive so that it's not considered as a bribe. The gift giver can't expect a reciprocation of any kind and the gifts have to be given without hiding. To avoid damages, one should always clarify the customs and procedures the receiver has regarding business gifts. 

To what end is a business gift acquired

When planning a business gift it's good to think about its purpose. Is it for example a commercial gift distributed at events and meant to showcase your company and brand. A logo is often attached, along with company name and contact information in order to contact potential customers.

Only a business gift that is acquired to maintain key account relationships is more polished and carefully thought. The gift receiver has been specifically thought during the acquiring process and the spotlight is not on one's own brand but in the remembering and showing respect towards the gift receiver.

Business gifts pointed at employees are usually meant to strengthen their level of commitment to the company. Gifts motivate the employees and convey the company's respect and gratitude towards everybody's work effort. Internal business gifts can have more casual layouts and contents. These gifts are often same for everybody and they are meant for raising the team spirit. 

Seasonal gifts include gifts related to Christmas, Easter and other seasonal celebrations. In Finland, especially the business gifts that are given during christmastime are the most important ones and those kind of gifts are given considerably more often than other business gifts. A Christmas themed business gift is used to remember and thank the employees and business partners for the year that's passed and cheer them to a better new year that lies ahead. One can return with good spirit to the workplace after New Year when a thank you for the hard effort has been conveyed with a gift. 

To whom is the business gift given to and what do you want to communicate with it? 

To the potential customers

Receiving a business gift can motivate the people that are not yet customers to become customers. Consumers often do business with companies that have stuck in their mind. Sending the right gift at the right time can work as a motivator for the potential customers to carry out wanted procedures, whether it means proceeding on their path to purchase, registration or the request for final quotation. 

To the customers

Customers can also find a well-timed business gift useful. If it's been a while since the last meeting, the gift can convey the respect for the customer's business, notice success and remind about the company's existence and good business relations.

To the employees

In addition to customers and potential customers, it's good to acknowledge the driving force of the company - its employees. In most cases the key to a successful business and great customer-results starts from a healthy working community. Top quality, personalized gifts to the employees convey the employer's respect towards them, builds the feeling of cohesion and commitment to the company. These emotions are often seen positively in the working habits and motivation of the employee. Employees can also be remembered with a gift when different milestones and achievements are achieved. 

  • A personal event: The birth of a new family member, birthdays, graduation from a school or completing a training, or the achievement of some other big personal thing.
  • Company event: Rewarding from the years at the company's service, a parting gift, ending of a project, internal competitions or other achievements related to the company. 
  • Special recognition:Rewarding an employee for saving the day, helping colleagues or a remarkable effort put in to help achieve the company goals. There's always reasons to compliment and reward employees for their effort towards company goals and to motivate them.

Business gift's value and the value added

The value of a business gift is often defined according to the receiver but the gift can never be too expensive so that it's not understood wrong. The basic rule is that the gift should never be more expensive than the receiver could easily acquire for him- or herself.

The value that a business gift brings to the company can be measured by how well it speaks to the receiver, how it conveys the wanted message to the receiver and how it can help to achieve the sales and marketing goals. This does not mean that everything should be compiled statistics of data but the main message that the business is meant to convey can also be about bringing joy to the receiver.

Utilize the power of coffee gifts

Us Finns are a coffee drinking folk and statistics speak that truth also - almost 10 kilograms of coffee is consumed per person every year. This is a huge amount and it tells about the meaning of coffee in everyday life. Coffee is consumed regardless of the season and it's a wonderful idea for a business gift. Relaxing moments with colleagues and business partners are often spent with a cup of coffee in your hand. 

Coffee is a perfect business gift and it has all of the qualities of a good business gift: it's practical and brings enjoyment to the receiver. In addition, our coffees are ethically produced, quality certified and passionately made at our own roastery in Joensuu.

Customized business gift 

Business gift coffees that are ordered from us can be designed from top to bottom to look and taste just like you want. You can order a coffee with your company's name an logo from us. You can choose light or dark roast and between coffee beans and traditional filter coffee. Alternatively, you can also design a unique coffee for your company, one that we don't roast for anyone else but you.

The designing process takes only a second and you can do it even during a coffee break. You can freely design the visual look and there are many different looks, colors and sizes for the coffee bags. We can also design an entirely own bag for you together. Business gift coffees are hand roasted and made with love from the top quality coffee beans that we've selected. 

A coffee package that you've designed yourself and its contents guarantee the possibility to personalize it according to the receiver. Dark roast for the friends of dark coffee and coffee beans for the one who wants to grind his or her own coffee. This is the personalization of business gifts at its best - it helps bringing extra value to the customers and employees and it builds the feeling of respect and trust.

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