Us Finns are a coffee drinking folk and it has been researched that we consume more coffee than any other country. We spend on average a one third of our day at the workplace and drink two to three cups of coffee on average daily. Many of these cups of coffee are enjoyed during a workday so a top quality coffee does have a huge impact on the satisfaction in the workplace.

Nowadays coffee drinkers are more and more aware of different coffee varieties and available options and they also expect more and more better coffee. Unison Coffee's coffee machines provide a top quality, versatile and modern coffee moment for every workplace.

A good and high quality coffee provides the keys to a better and more efficient workday, and as we know, a satisfied work community is an efficient one. Top quality coffee has several qualities that influence positively to productivity and creativeness.

Why choose Unison Coffee's coffee machine?

  1. Responsibility: we are a roastery from Joensuu, we put a lot of effort into the quality and ethics of the coffee beans. Our beans are selected from the very best coffee varieties and they are roasted as a handcraft at our roastery in Joensuu. 
  2. Cost-effective: when you have a coffee machine, you don't need to spend time making the coffee.
  3. Effortless: the coffee is made with a push of a button and the maintenance of the machine is taken care of by our maintenance service.
  4. Versatile: we have coffee machines in many sizes and with different capacities. The selection is also diverse and there are many different options in addition to coffee.

Coffee machine as a part of organizational culture and well-being at work

A coffee break is not just a factor increasing an individual's well-being, but also an important moment regarding building and strengthening the organizational culture. These kind of moments spent with co-workers strengthen the sense of community and facilitate sharing what's on one's mind - whether or not they are tricky work stuff or other things. 

They say that a healthy working community can be recognized of the echoing chatting and bursting laughter coming from the coffee breaks. A steamingly hot and quickly ready cup of coffee keeps up the employees' and customers' strength - both physically and mentally. Coffee breaks have a remarkable role in the recovering of body and mind. 

The idea of a coffee break is to offer a moment to catch a breath and start your brains' recovery, after which you can continue working efficiently. A coffee machine is an excellent choice to maximize the use of coffee breaks, when the time is not being spent making the coffee, there are several different choices for coffee, tea and other hot beverages, and the amount of drink that the machine makes is only the amount that's needed. Researches show that coffee breaks have numerous positive effects on employee's effectiveness and recovery.

Coffee is a way of communicating about values

The coffee that's being served can be considered as a part of the company's image. Serving a top quality and responsibly produced coffee tells directly about the values the company consider as important. Choosing and serving an ethically produced coffee is a significant social action. By choosing our coffee machine to your workplace, you can enjoy a responsible coffee production at ease.

Coffee is not just a refreshing drink to enjoy during a break, but it also helps building long-lasting employee-, customer- and co-operation relationships. Coffee is a uniting factor that crosses cultural boundaries: it's easy to gather around good coffee and seize every opportunity.

Serving coffee at a workplace is an easy way to show good will and respect towards employees. When caring about the personnel's well-being and stress management, the personnel is usually reciprocally more committed to the company and working. When it comes to customers and recruitments - coffee can act as a great ice breaker. A tasty coffee is memorable and it might be the last crucial factor when thinking who to choose as a partner or a future employer.

Coffee machine to workplace - what is a fitting option?

Things to consider are:
  • Current state and needs assessment
  • The size of the workplace and the consumption level
  • Beverage selection
  • The facility and maintenance of the coffee machine
  • Responsible and top quality coffee
  • The final choice for a coffee machine

Current state and needs assessment

Is your workplace's current coffee machine worn out and is it time to update it to a new one? Has the coffee's consumption level risen and the old coffee maker is not efficient enough? A top quality coffee machine has a notable influence on the overall well-being of the working community.

You should start the needs assessment for a coffee machine by thinking about the personnel in at the workplace, because they know best what a successful coffee break needs, what is expected of the new coffee machine and what qualities raise the working community's satisfaction. Open communication helps to understand what type of coffee machine is the best fit for your office and you can avoid mistakes when choosing the right one. We are happy to assist you with your needs assessment and in the designing of different solutions.

  • What features are expected of the new coffee machine?
  • What does the working community wish for regarding the coffee machine?
  • What type of coffee solution fits best into your workplace?

The size of the workplace and coffee consumption level

When acquiring a coffee machine to the workplace, you should always take personnel and the number of customers into consideration. Along with the acquiring, you need to know how to estimate the approximate daily consumption level of the coffee. Finnish people drink 3 cups of coffee daily on average and often these times situate somewhere during the workday. In addition, you need to consider the number of visiting customers and the people who don't drink coffee at all. 

In large companies it's also good to think about the need for more than one coffee machine. By choosing a coffee machine that corresponds your coffee consumption level, the breaks go effortlessly and the coffee is easily served to everyone who has the desire for it. 

  • How much is coffee consumed at your workplace and does the number of visiting customers affect the consumption significantly?
  • Should the coffee be served at more than one place? How to make coffee breaks more effortless?
  • Do you often have a lot of waste coming from coffee that is not drunk?

Beverage options

It's good to consider what kind of coffee does the working community consume, has the personnel or customers any wishes regarding coffee and do people want dark or light roasted coffee, or possibly both. How wide selection of beverages is hoped for. We offer from eight to twelve different beverage options, depending on the coffee machine. The coffees in the coffee machines are made out of coffee beans that are hand roasted at our roastery and the coffee machines have pressure filters, which guarantees top quality and true specialty coffees.

You should also consider if there are others than coffee drinkers in the working community and what you want to offer them. All of Unison Coffee's coffee machines have also other beverage options in addition to coffee, such as tea, hot chocolate and hot juice. These questions are good to go through with the people using the coffee machine, when choosing a coffee machine for the workplace.

  • How many beverage options are wanted?
  • What types of other hot drinks are consumed at the workplace?
  • How high is the level of use? How big capacity is needed?

The facility and maintenance of the coffee machine

A coffee machine is an easy and a care-free choice in all its handiness. Our experts will help you design and choose the coffee machine and maintenance service that suits you the best. We will take care of everything from the delivery of the coffee machine to the installation of it, and everything is agreed upon when placing the order. However, it is good to check beforehand that the desired place for the coffee machine has all the necessary connection possibilities: most of the coffee machines require a water connection and an electric outlet. 

The coffee machines are offered with maintenance agreements and there are several options to choose from. With a maintenance agreement we guarantee as smooth and successful coffee moment as possible, day in, day out. Our service agreements cover the up-keep and thorough maintenance of the coffee machine and the deliveries of the raw materials. Overall maintenance agreements make the workdays easier at the office and you don't need to spend efficient working hours on taking care of the operations of the coffee machine. We will teach you the daily use of the coffee machine along with the installation process - so that using and up-keeping the machine would be as effortless as possible. 

  • What kind of a maintenance agreement is wanted for the coffee machine? Do we want to take more responsibility ourselves or outsource the maintenance completely?
  • How often do we need deliveries?

Responsible and better coffee

Unison Coffee's coffee machine is, in addition to all its efficiency and user-friendliness, also a responsible choice. No leftover coffee is spinning at the bottom of the coffee pot when the coffee is being prepared one cup at a time according to everyone's own preferences. This reduces the amount of waste considerably and makes the coffee moments more cost-effective.

The coffee beans used in the coffee machines are ethically produced and carefully selected. All of the coffee farmers we use are a part of the sustainable development certification programme, which guarantees the professional producing of the coffee beans and makes sure that the environment and well-being of the employees are taken care of. With our actions we want to make sure that the coffee bean's journey from the shrub to the cup is responsible and ethical. 

It's important to us that the coffee beans are just fresh roasted and the circulation from a coffee bean to a cup of coffee is as short as possible. Our coffee is always steamingly fresh and provides a pleasurable drinking experience. Our coffee beans are roasted as a handcraft at our roastery in Joensuu.

  • What values do you want to communicate to others with your coffee choices?
  • Is the coffee's origin, responsibility and the transparency of the process important?
  • Do you enjoy coffee that is fresh and produced with high quality?

The final choice for a coffee machine

Alongside with choosing the coffee machine you should take into consideration all of the above. When you have taken into account every detail, the finding of a fitting coffee machine should be relatively easy. The most important thing is to keep a clear vision in your mind about the type of coffee machine you want for your workplace and what features serve your needs the best.

If you have any questions at all, you can always contact us. We are happy to solve any mind-boggling questions about coffee and the machines. Our purpose is to spread the joyful word of coffee and make it possible for everyone to enjoy a top quality coffee. Whether your business is big or small - we have a coffee machine for every occasion.

  • What type of coffee machine is wanted? What is the budget?
  • Is the coffee machine's cost-effectiveness and well-being boosting point of view understood?
  • What is the final number of users? How many coffee machines are needed and with how big of a capacity?


It may be difficult to compare coffee machines but all of the mentions above might clarify the wishes regarding the workplace's coffee machine. When you know the coffee consumption level and the number of coffee drinkers, it's easy to start analyzing what type of coffee machine fits the best into your workplace. Our wide selection includes several different coffee machines and beverage options. Let's plan everything for you together; let's choose the coffee machine, maintenance agreement and the beverage options so that enjoying your coffee is care-free and pleasureful!

We hope that this guide helps you figure out the things you expect from your coffee machine at the office because office-coffee should be just what you as a working community enjoy. That is why it's so important to see the whole picture and discuss the acquiring of the coffee machine together with personnel. As passioned coffee professionals, we want to make a superior coffee moment possible at your workplace and be a part of your everyday life.

We are excitedly looking forward to common coffee moments!

The people of Unison

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