When you order coffee online, you'll always get fresh stuff straight to your home. 

Ordering coffee online is becoming familiar to more and more coffee lovers and it makes different coffee-experiences possible to arrive to your very own coffee cup. Coffee is a passion for us, which can be seen in the quality of the coffee and everything we do.

From the beginning our idea has been to offer you coffee that is high quality and made of top notch raw materials. The easiness of ordering comes along there in the sidelines. We aspire to make the ordering process as easy and quick as possible. When you order from us online, you can be sure that the products are fresh and of top quality, and they arrive into your hands quickly. It is extremely nice to notice that a lot of small roasteries have gone actively into digitalization. Vast selections of different coffees are beneficial to all of us coffee lovers. When you order online, it's important to notice the short rotation of the coffee from the roastery into your cup. 

Our most popular coffee, Tummoo, is a dark roasted coffee blend that's made of arabica coffee beans. The coffee blend includes only ethically produced coffee varieties that compliment each other, from the regions of Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala.

Our roastery is located in Joensuu, right in the middle of North Karelia. All of our coffees are roasted as a handcraft. Our roastery is modern but it honors the long-lasting traditions of coffee making. We strive to stay on track with the latest coffee trends and develop our skills constantly. In addition to a modern and fully functioning roastery, the professional skills of the personnel is the most important part of coffee-making process.

Coffee online - the most memorable business gifts

In addition to serving consumers we are also focused on serving business customers. Coffee is a great business gift, in fact 89 % of the people remember the name of the company that gave the business gift. Coffee is also consumed daily, so as a gift it's pretty perfect.

We have made ordering branded coffee extremely easy. You can place your order on our website and it's possible to download your favourite label in there also. There are also many different models and colour options for the bags.

And let's not forget that there is a wide selection of coffee machines for different needs and purposes. Consistent quality and constantly available fresh coffee bring out the best sides of coffee machines 

We have also build a guide for you to calculate how much your company would save with a coffee machine. 

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