Design your company's very own coffee! We've made it a simple and fast way to stand out in the crowd and you can conveniently order it straight from our website. Afterall, coffee is often consumed daily so it's a great idea for a business gift for clients and co-operating partners - as well as for your own staff too. 

From us at Unison Coffee you can order responsibly produced coffee with your company's brand and visual look. We can also help you design the label, if needed. You can get your labeled coffee as a light or dark roast and you can also choose either beans or ground coffee.

If you want to stand out even more - we can customize an entirely unique coffee according to your wishes!

Business gift coffee shortly:

  1. Hand roasted, top quality coffee from a small roastery
  2. A customized label and a unique coffee blend when necessary
  3. Dark or light roast
  4. Beans or filter coffee
  5. Different bag-sizes, -models and labels to choose from 
  6. Customized together when needed!

In addition to being a good option for a customized business gift, branded coffee is also a great idea to give as a gift at weddings or in other bigger formal events! Responsibly grown coffee is also an excellent addition to different gift baskets to give amongst glogg, cookies and mustards. 

Order coffee online:

Ordering has been made easier than it has ever been and you can do it directly on our website.

  1. Choose the size of the bag
  2. Choose the number of bags
  3. Choose coffee type
  4. Choose the material for the bag
  5. Attach logo / label -file
  6. Order

We do of course have contact information for more traditional buyers and people wanting a little more personalized coffee - and you can reach us with all possible communication methods!

Tomi Sutinen - Founder, Extraction master, Business accounts

+358 44 033 0575

Miska Kämäräinen - Founder, Roast master, Wholesales

+358 50 462 8000

Coffee is a matter of honor to us and we roast our hearts out every day. Top quality raw-materials combined with long experience guarantee high level coffee-experiences consistently at home as well as at the office. 

This can also be seen in business gifts. A delicious coffee combined with your company's visual look guarantees a memorable experience that the receiver remembers for a long time. Business gifts should not be anything useless - but an experience. 

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