Iced coffees have become more and more popular even in Finland, many summers in a row - and no wonder - for that refreshing and sweet mixture is a lifesaver on a hot summer day! Making of a delicious iced coffee is easy and quick and it doesn't necessarily require a cold coffee extraction or instant coffee powders. Here is one simple recipe that you can follow to make a delicious iced coffee from a traditional filter coffee!

So, what is an iced coffee?

An iced coffee is, as it states in the name, a coffee beverage that is meant to be enjoyed cold. There are several ways to make iced coffee. Generally speaking we're talking about two methods, one is Cold Brew-method in which the coffee is extracted in a cold water for several hours - usually for example over night. This method has arrived from the US, where cold pressed coffee has been enjoyed over many years already. 

The other, simpler, and more popular method in Finland is to cool the coffee by using ice cubes. In this case the coffee is poured into a glass filled with ice cubes or cold milk. Different flavoured syrups are often used when spicing up the iced coffee and they do help in creating wonderful mixes for every taste. 

What is the best coffee to use when making iced coffee?

Both medium roasted and dark roasted coffees are recommended to use when making an iced coffee because you can get the aromas from them even when they are cooled. Tummoo and Tujjuu in our selection are bot excellent choices to use as a base for an iced coffee. 

Summer's hottest iced coffee recipe:

  1. Make the coffee and let it cool for a moment.The best iced coffee is made from a medium or dark roasted coffee.
  2. Make over-sized ice cubes. You can make ice cubes for example in a plastic container and break them into smaller pieces. Fill the glass with big ice cubes. 
  3. Pour the coffee into the glass. A coffee that has cooled down a little doesn't melt the ice cubes too quickly. 
  4. Pour in some milk. Oat drinks that are designed for coffee go extremely well with iced coffee. 
  5. Put the cherry on top with flavoured syrup and whipped cream. The best part about making an iced coffee, like always when making different coffees, is trying new recipes!

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